Three Excellent Services to Buy and Sell Crypto in Central Asia

If you have been following the news carefully, you probably noticed that China is no longer a good place for cryptocurrency miners after the July departure, which saw many mining operations shuttered while others fled to other nearby countries friendlier to mining. Many of those miners migrated to nearby Mongolia and Kazakhastan, which are both located in Central Asia. A CNBC report said Kazakhastan’s global bitcoin mining power share rose from 1.4% to 8.2% between September 2019 and last April.

These two countries are perfect environments for crypto mining because Khazakastran has extensive coal reserves that, although non-renewable, miners are taking advantage of to power their rigs. As for Mongolia, it also has an abundance of cheap electricity and cold water. Both countries also benefit from being relatively neutral to crypto mining in the first place, compared to China.

Of course, all of their mining would be in vain for most miners if they could not cash out their mined crypto to pay the electricity fees and maintenance costs. In this short post, we will examine ways to buy and sell cryptocurrency in these regions.

How to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Central Asia?



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