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A few reasons from the Ethereum co-founder:

  • The social media giant is getting ahead of itself with Metaverse innovation. «It’s that we don’t really know the definition of “the metaverse” yet, it’s far too early to know what people actually want. So anything Facebook creates now will misfire.»
  • The “corporate” Metaverse, which probably excludes successful decentralized virtual world projects such as Decentraland and The Sandbox.
  • Buterin doesn’t share the same opinion as the investment bank Citi: earlier this year, Citi reported that the Metaverse industry could already be worth $13 trillion by 2030. Because people are not yet ready for such a breakthrough.

This thought is supported by the fact that last week Meta announced a quarterly loss of $2.8 billion for its Metaverse-VR division, Reality Labs.

Do you believe in the success of the metaverse within 10 years?



Mars Inc. has filed a trademark application for NFT for its popular M&M’s brand.

🗓The application, filed June 20 with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, covers software for authenticating, transferring and storing NFTs, digital currency and tokens as well as cryptographic collectibles.

The company has decided to enter the cryptocurrency sector by offering NFT and digital collectibles covering select of its popular physical products.

🎮The company will offer virtual entertainment services featuring virtual products such as chocolate, candy and gum.

🍟Other food companies entering the metaconsciousness include McDonalds and KFC, moving their products into the virtual world.

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