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Aug 25, 2021

2 min read

Cryptodictionary: Bear run

Bear run is the opposite of the Bull run. The prices are going down, market forecasts are pessimistic and the investors are cautious about buying new assets, they tend to get rid of those that lose their value. Bear trend and Bull trend are called so because they resemble the respective animals’ attack tactics. A bull rushes forward and raises the victim up on its horns and the bear drags it down with its claws.

A bear trend is an almost inevitable follow up for practically all bull-runs simply because a development surge cannot last forever on the market. It can be caused by external events, such as government restrictions, or happen naturally, as the hype around an asset’s bull run dies down.

Bearish trend is considered to be the best time for newbies to enter a crypto market for several reasons. First, you can buy the most common cryptos at their low. Second, not much is going on, as usually all new startups and events happen during a bull trend, so it’s easier to keep track of the market.

The last major bear trend on the crypto market was in 2018, when the quantity of monthly trading users on Coinbase went down by 70% and the price of bitcoin dropped down by 80%.

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