Ask OWNR: Why OWNR Wallet?

We are launching a new heading in which we will answer all popular questions. One of them: Why OWNR?

Security: OWNR Wallet is a non-custodial wallet which means that we do not store any data that leads to accesses. Private keys and seedphrases are generated and stored on users’ devices only.

License: We have registered companies in 7 countries; five of them have official licenses to provide services with virtual assets for residents. OWNR covers 216 of 251 countries thus OWNR services are available to more than 90% of all cryptocurrency holders in the world.

Business solution: OWNR Wallet offers its business customers a wide range ready-made solutions for business: different tools for process automation + API.

Usability: Thanks to prepaid Visa cards, that our customers are able to order through the app, crypto payments, ATMs, online and offline purchases are available at any place of earth in instantly.

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