The latest blockchain games

1. Lucky Block — Overall Best Crypto Game for 2022

Lucky Block is a crypto-gaming platform that offers users the chance to win compelling prizes. Much of Lucky Block’s appeal comes from the attractive competitions. For example, all Lucky Block Platinum Roller Club NFT holders stand a chance to win a Lamborghini, $1M house, Bitcoin worth $1M, a BAYC NFT, and a 5-day luxury holiday. Here the winners are randomly selected after each NFT collection is sold out.

2. Tamadoge — Top NFT Crypto Game Pumping after New Token Listings

Tamadoge is a new play-to-earn crypto game that builds on the legacy of the doge meme. In this game, players can mint their own NFT doge and then nurture it as it grows from a puppy into an adult doge. Each doge has its own random stats, strengths, and weaknesses, and the way you care for your doge as it grows will influence how it turns out.

3. Axie Infinity — Top Crypto Game With Multiple Rewards

Axie Infinity is perhaps one of the most popular titles among play to earn crypto games in this space. In this Pokemon-inspired battling game, players can collect, breed, and raise creatures known as Axies — which are NFTs that can be bought or sold at open marketplaces.

4. Battle Infinity — Great Metaverse Crypto Game

Battle Infinity — is an ambitious metaverse platform, this new NFT-based metaverse game offers investors access to six different Battle Arenas to compete against other players and earn rewards. Its flagship offering is a fantasy sports game, where players enter leagues and play matches in the IBAT Premier League.

5. Silks — Exciting Crypto Game with P2E Elements

This blockchain game is essentially a cross-over between horse racing and the crypto space, creating a metaverse that is parallel to the real world. For instance, in the Silks metaverse, you can purchase horses with digital assets.



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