Christmas Giveaway Winners!

Let’s see who gets the presents from Owni Claus! Here are the results of our Christmas Giveaway!

Congratulations to the winners:

23. @EmilloHunter

11. @DeonDee_

10. @newtampaprobz

32. u/taitperch

4. @Hispomno

Thank you all for your participation! Don’t get sad if you didn’t find your username among the winners, you will get lucky next time!
Happy Holidays!

All participants of the Giveaway:


1. Dan Paul

2. Alicia Smith


3. @littleb0xers

4. @Hispomno

5. @Albicocca7

6. @steve_mclaurin

7. @JordanK71386133

8. @CryptoTelecast

9. @dannibrunspeak

10. @newtampaprobz

11. @DeonDee_

12. @eugine91

13. @dakarunlock

14. @Goenoly

15. @godstaste

16. @fofbicycle

17. @Somewherexyz

18. @whenmoooon

19. @btc1oobillion

20. @hirtiokutr

21. @VivinJu86

22. @alex23487891

23. @EmilloHunter


24. u/Sweatiefinger

25. u/timee_bot

26. u/The_Wall_Eater

27. u/JoGallardo

28. u/CraigItIs

29. u/ToffielMia

30. u/lamperougeplays

31. u/betstef

32. u/taitperch

33. u/kayalsh2002 (1)

34. u/kayalsh2002 (2)


35. shane_pereiraa

36. the_wall_eater




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