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Use OWNR app and buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other coins with lower fees! The fee reduced from 4% to 3.5%

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Good news for OWNR Wallet users! Meet the updated version of OWNR account interface!

What has changed:

Bull Run, also called bull trend or bull market is a state of market when prices are on a steady rise, investors are feeling confident about the future of assets and the general market climate is favorable. The term appeared in the stock market but is often used for particular…

The OWNR Wallet team will participate in the 7th international forum on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and mining.

On October 27–28, Blockchain Life 2021 will take place at the Music Media Dome, Moscow. OWNR Wallet will present its crypto ecosystem, which includes secure multifunctional non-custodial wallet for individuals and ready-made solutions for…

As cryptocurrency edges closer to its prime, there has been tremendous development in the crypto space in the past few months. We have made a round-up of the best crypto news hits from this past summer. And some of the items on this list are very surprising.

El Salvador proposes a law that would make Bitcoin legal tender

Easily the biggest…

Bear run is the opposite of the Bull run. The prices are going down, market forecasts are pessimistic and the investors are cautious about buying new assets, they tend to get rid of those that lose their value. Bear trend and Bull trend are called so because they resemble the…

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