If you have been following the news carefully, you probably noticed that China is no longer a good place for cryptocurrency miners after the July departure, which saw many mining operations shuttered while others fled to other nearby countries friendlier to mining. Many of those miners migrated to nearby Mongolia and Kazakhastan, which are both located in Central Asia. A CNBC report said Kazakhastan’s global bitcoin mining power share rose from 1.4% to 8.2% between September 2019 and last April.

These two countries are perfect environments for crypto mining because Khazakastran has extensive coal reserves that, although non-renewable, miners are…

As cryptocurrency edges closer to its prime, there has been tremendous development in the crypto space in the past few months. We have made a round-up of the best crypto news hits from this past summer. And some of the items on this list are very surprising.

El Salvador proposes a law that would make Bitcoin legal tender

Easily the biggest news of the summer, if not the year, this story from CNBC in June has sparked mixed reactions from the public. Of course, bitcoiners were enthusiastic about it, but other demographics have been more skeptical. Even Paraguay and Cuba are reportedly considering following its footsteps.

Crackdown on crypto mining in China forces miner exodus

Also, back in June, there…

As cryptocurrencies become more popular worldwide, it inevitably comes to a point where organizations make projections about it. The UN is one such organization, as it pinned a bright hope for cryptocurrencies back in 2018.

In this post, we will examine five of them in detail to see how these nations are preparing for the imminent embracement of crypto.


Guinea is one of the countries that are promoting blockchain services. There is a report that pig farmers use blockchain-powered livestock trackers to prove that their livestock is up to standards with the rest of the world.


Seychelles is another such…

Bear run is the opposite of the Bull run. The prices are going down, market forecasts are pessimistic and the investors are cautious about buying new assets, they tend to get rid of those that lose their value. Bear trend and Bull trend are called so because they resemble the respective animals’ attack tactics. A bull rushes forward and raises the victim up on its horns and the bear drags it down with its claws.

A bear trend is an almost inevitable follow up for practically all bull-runs simply because a development surge cannot last forever on the market. …

เฮ้! Này! 你好! おい ! 이봐! We invite East and South Asian countries to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other popular coins with OWNR Wallet!

We added 18 new countries, and now residents of China, Japan, Vietnam and others can safely buy cryptocurrency in our app. Now the geography of OWNR Wallet includes more than 40 countries in Asia!

Full list of countries where you can purchase crypto with OWNR Wallet.

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Buy BTC, ETH and other coins with your Visa or Mastercard!

Full list of countries where you can purchase crypto with OWNR Wallet.

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Hooray! Virtual cards are available in the OWNR app! With the same functionality, but no need to wait for delivery!

  • The issuance fee is 5 EUR. Other fees and limits are identical to standard Visa prepaid cards
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From July 1, 2021, OWNR Wallet expands the list of countries whose residents can purchase cryptocurrency with bank card with OWNR Wallet. Latin America, Africa, Asia, Australia and Oceania, Europe — customers around the world can buy crypto with OWNR Wallet now!

Based on the global practice, OWNR Wallet included a lot of Asian countries, such as Singapore, China, India. For some countries of this region, such as South Korea and Japan, our team has improved transactions passability. It means that almost all banks in these countries work flawlessly with OWNR’s transactions.

We say “Ola!” to crypto community from Latin…

OWNR has extensive experience in business development and today we are glad to share it with you. Read the new column by Ivan Kurnavin, OWNR Wallet BDO.

Payment gateways might be the most important part of your cryptocurrency business platform. Choosing the right payment processor involves making many decisions. Some of these decisions are:

  • Which cryptocurrencies need to be integrated
  • Which credit cards you must support
  • Whether it works with your bank’s payment gateway, and
  • The level of regulatory compliance required

Here’s what they do, their requirements, and how OWNR Payment Gateway excels at them.

What do payment gateways do?

To put it simply, cryptocurrency…

Spring of 2021 was full of events and has been somewhat tumultuous. Let’s take a look at some key happenings in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

China crackdowns on miners and cryptocurrency users

In early May, the prime minister of China called on tighter measures to regulate cryptocurrency mining and use. That is why several big mining companies stopped their operations in China. Among them — BTC.TOP and HashCow.

Elon Musk the biggest crypto newsmaker

A few times this spring, Elon Musk has managed to almost single-handedly wreak havoc on the cryptocurrency market and receive much publicity. After he…

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